Edgar J. Ridley 2015

Church services were resumed today at Mother Emanuel A.M.E. church in South Carolina.  Unfortunately, we have yet to recognize the futility of metaphors that are typical in bible worship.  Emotionally, it may provide a short term feel-good for the parishioners.  However, the metaphor of Jesus is not going to solve the problem for Blacks.  There has to be a global behavior change. All religion is mythology and superstition.  Those superstitions that keep humans religious will continue to colonize the minds of humanity with continued racism and religious conflict globally.   We still don’t get it.  These metaphors have their origin in symbolic behavior.

With this faith in metaphors and magic, the population of people who classify themselves as white are provided more impetus to treat Blacks as less than human.  As such, the continual genocide on black people will continue.   We need only recognize how religion has been used as a tool to colonize the neurological processes of black people, and we feel saddened, knowing that the racist, terroristic attitude against Black people will continue generation after generation.

Symbolic behavior must be eliminated.

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